Stephen Sherratt – Founder     

Most of his professional life has been spent creating sustainable ecosystems to support and deliver strategic objectives for complex organisations and, latterly, the utilisation of distributed workforces. Data is the new fuel of activity and channeling, processing and interpreting output are the key focus for building value. He completed an MBA at Liverpool University with his dissertation on the challenges presented to the public sector in maintaining or improving services with constrained resources and delivered in a sustainable way.

He is focused on maximising the extraction of efficiencies from complex healthcare systems, utilising existing data from multiple sources, whilst lowering the cost of engagement. He is also experienced in the commercialisation of IP; cloud based commercial networks, real time analytics and identity management; in the field of green and renewable technology and the application of technology to effect change. He is involved with businesses which are linked by the common theme of connected and distributed work and the need for environments and tool sets that enable and manage this new dynamic in a sustainable way.