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April 2018 – Numeration at Yale

In April 2108 Adam Pollard was one of 43 invited to Yale University to attend Workshop on Environmental Sustainability in Clinical Care. Drawing academics and practitioners from around the world, the Workshop looked to identify ways to reduce emissions from healthcare. One of the conclusions drawn was that keeping people well was key to this objective for which, Social Prescribing plays a crucial role.

With conclusions from Yale in mind, our peer-reviewed modelling capability has been adapted to quantify the effect of Social Prescribing on parts of Health Systems. This development continues. Subsequently, summer 2018 saw the start of an exciting collaboration between Numeration and Exeter University. Together, we are finalising a prototype of a Social Prescribing model that will sit as an Microsoft Excel “Add-in”, which enables GPs to quantify the effect that Social Prescribing initiatives might have on the patients they see in terms of their health and surgery visits, and on their Practice in terms of running costs and emissions.

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